Septic tank grants have increased by 140% to €12,000

Mal-functioning septic tanks are the 6th biggest pressure on water quality. So it is good news that last January the Government announced a 140% increase in the maximum payments for septic tank improvements- rising to €12,000 from €5,000 and more households will be eligible for the grant.

Domestic waste water treatment systems collect, treat and discharge waste water from households that are not connected to public sewerage systems. They must be registered with Local Authorities who may inspect them to ensure they do not pose any risk to the public and the environment.

The Minister also announced that the qualifying condition that the septic tank must be registered with the local authority prior to 1 February 2013, will be removed. So more households will therefore qualify for the grants  to upgrade or replace their tank.

How to get grants?

The grants assist householders with the cost of works for the remediation, repair, upgrade, or replacement of a domestic waste water treatment system (DWWTS) serving a house.

Grants are available from your local authority if you meet the criteria set out in the Terms and Conditions for the scheme.

Grants are available under three separate schemes:

  • DWWTS grant under the National Inspection Plan
  • DWWTS grant in Prioritised Areas for Action
  • DWWTS grant in High Status Objective Catchment Areas.

Further information:

Septic Tank Inspections Infographic – EPA – –

gov – Domestic waste water treatment systems (septic tanks) (

Enquiries should be addressed to the Rural Water Liaison Officer in the relevant local authority

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