Research Objectives

The Water Forum’s overarching research objective is:

To ensure all guidance concerning water quality and the management of water resources in Ireland, provided by the Forum is supported by the best available science; and where knowledge gaps exist, to carry out commission research to support the delivery of the Strategic Plan.

This overarching objective is supported by three sub-objectives:

  1. To engage with stakeholders to identify research knowledge gaps and to assist in the delivery of research actions designed to support the Water Forum’s Strategic Plan.
  2. To develop and implement research actions to advance thinking and policy development related to water quality, water services, or the management of water resources
  3. To synthesize knowledge and research to advance communication and understanding between the scientific research community, policy

Education & Awareness Objectives

The Water Forum’s overarching education objective is:

To lead on initiatives to enhance education and awareness of the value and threats to water by developing and sharing resources, disseminating research and policy positions, and encouraging learning about water

This overarching objective is supported by three sub-objectives:

  1. Support the development of resources and campaigns to improve education and awareness of the threats to and value of water
  2. Collaborate with agencies and stakeholders to disseminate research outputs and share policy positions on water conservation, quality, and future proofing.
  3. Work with educators and key stakeholders to support learning about water, awareness of and engagement in the protection of water resources

Communications Objectives

This overarching objective is supported by three sub-objectives:

  • Ensure the Forum policy positions and advise on all significant policy and decision-making regarding our water environment and water services is made available to the relevant organisations, bodies and the general public.
  • Develop opportunities for dialogue, analysis and dissemination of scientific research and recommendations to inform and influence considerations and sense making towards policy development for the protection of Ireland’s water resources.
  • Establish the Forum’s profile as the proactive and authoritative national stakeholder body informing water policy, management and governance and support the development of The Forum as an effective and informed stakeholder forum.
  • Support and effect the implementation of the Strategic Plan 2022-2027, the Research Strategy and Education & Awareness Strategy.
  • Proactively generate greater awareness and understanding regarding the value of water and the public’s role in protecting water thus advocating for behaviour change in terms of water protection and water use.
  • Encourage greater public engagement in matters concerning water and water quality.

Underpinning actions include:

  • Ensure that issues associated with the protection and restoration of our water resources are high on the national agenda and are linked to the climate and biodiversity agendas.
  • Endeavour to ensure that the Forum is actively consulted at policy development stage.
  • Ensure that the Forum is regarded as an informed stakeholder forum whose views are of importance in terms of shaping and informing policy development.
  • Support the development of education and awareness interventions, in relation to the importance of water as a shared resource that must be respected and protected.
  • Provide feedback to Irish Water on their performance with particular reference to their communications with their consumers.
  • Acting as the interlocutor between the science community, policy makers and the public in advancing communication and understanding between them.

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