Forum Plenary

The Forum Plenary meets every six weeks and has adopted its own Standing Orders and Terms of Reference based on the provision of the Water Services Act 2017. The terms of office and membership of the Forum is governed by relevant legislation.

Water Services Standing Committee

A Water Services Standing Committee has been established to address the Forum’s work in relation to water and wastewater services and rural water services.

Catchment Management Standing Committee

A Catchment Management Standing Committee was established to review the implementation of the River Basin Management Plan and liaise with the implementation structures in monitoring progress.

Both committees can propose tropics for further research to inform members knowledge and policy submissions. The Forum also establishes working groups to focus and report on particular issues as and when required.

‘We recognise the current environmental crises, and we are committed to act cohesively and urgently in Ireland’s efforts to address this crisis. We appreciate that this will take transformational change, on the part of all’
  • We inform and add value to policy through dialogue and the sensemaking of science
  • We synthesise existing knowledge to deliver innovative, sustainable solutions
  • We are committed to providing a space where competing interests find common purpose
  • We are committed to social and environmental justice so that both people and nature have access to a clean environment
  • Each stakeholder is afforded equal opportunity to contribute
  • We listen to each stakeholder, respect the diversity of views and learn from and value the work of others
  • We share our learnings and outcomes without reserve
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