We are the national statutory body representative of all stakeholders with an interest in the quality of Ireland’s water bodies. We aim to strengthen stakeholder input into decision making regarding water as a fundamental national asset.

Welcome to the An Fóram Uisce – the Water Forum website.

The National Water Forum, as the only statutory body established to advise the Minister on water policy and management in Ireland, provides stakeholder input into policy development. With 25 members representing sectors such as agriculture, business, industry, education, community and voluntary, environmental NGOs, fishing, recreation, trade unions and Irish Water Consumers a wide variety of perspectives are enabled to contribute to policy.

Policy positions are informed by the most recent scientific data, input from agency experts, academic knowledge and commissioned research and consensus is achieved through dialogue and respectful debate. The diverse primary views find common ground on policies, technical, governance and community solutions  to provide a strong independent voice on water quality, water conservation and future proofing.

We communicate our positions through policy submissions, webinars, conferences, workshops and newsletters. We publish research reports and provide education and awareness resources to improve water literacy and awareness of the value of and threats to water resources. All resources are available on this website.

Our fundamental aim is to strengthen democratic input into decision making regarding water as a fundamental asset and to protect this precious gift for future generations to enjoy.

Dr Matt Crowe, National Water Forum Chair.


Dónal Purcell, Senior Executive Officer: donal@nationalwaterforum.ie
Dr Triona McGrath, Research & Policy Lead: triona@nationalwaterforum.ie
Dr Aisling Corkery, Research & Policy Executive: aisling@nationalwaterforum.ie
Dr Gretta McCarron, Communications & Education Lead: gretta@nationalwaterforum.ie
Martina Ryan, Administration: martina@nationalwaterforum.ie

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