Research Call on ‘An assessment of policy coherence and conflicts for water and environmental management’

An Fóram Uisce (the Water Forum) has launched an Open Research Call on ‘An assessment of policy coherence and conflicts for water and environmental management’.

An Fóram Uisce is the statutory body representative of all stakeholders with an interest in the quality of Ireland’s waterbodies and provides an opportunity for stakeholders to debate and analyse a range of issues with regard to water quality, including the implementation of the Water Framework Directive and Ireland’s River Basin Management Plan. Under the Water Services Act 2017, An Fóram Uisce is required to advise the Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage in relation to water services and the water environment.

An Fóram Uisce are seeking proposals from research organisations or appropriate consultancies to carry out policy mapping and analysis to identify synergies and conflicts between national and European policies which impact all components of the environment, namely water, climate, biodiversity and soil. The proposed research should also include a summary of international best practices to address policy coherence, along with challenges and knowledge gaps.  The proposed impact of this research is to inform thinking and initiate debate around environmental policy coherence in Ireland, which will support the development of mechanisms to facilitate cross-sectoral co-ordination and coherent policies in a whole-of-government approach.

Please find official application form attached. The closing date for applications is the 6th September 2021.

Please send any queries related to the call to,

Request for Research Tender document

Application Form


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