Research call for research project on: Non-domestic water use; learnings from international data and conservation initiatives

The Water Forum has today launched an open research call for research on;  Non-domestic water use; learnings from international data and conservation initiatives.

Under to the Water Services Act 2017, a key function of the Water Forum is to advise the Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage on water conservation. In order to provide a strong voice and informed advice on water conservation the Forum gathers intelligence, science and best practice through commissioned research. A key objective of our Strategic Plan for 2022-2027 is to contribute to the debate on water conservation in collaboration with agencies. We aim to act as a conduit between the scientific community, policy development and the public.

The Water Forum wishes to learn from international non-domestic water use and international best practice in non-domestic water conservation and is seeking proposals from research organisations or appropriate consultancies. It is intended that the research will support ongoing internal research being carried out by the Research Lead of the Water Forum on national non-domestic water use.

Applications are invited by researchers from any research institute in Ireland (including Higher Education Institutes, public body or private research organisations), or appropriate consultancy.  Applications from postgraduate or postdoctoral researchers are also welcome once they have relevant knowledge in the proposed topic and will be supervised by a senior researcher from their institution.

The research tender has a maximum budget of €10,000 (inclusive of VAT and overheads where applicable). Timelines for the research and deliverables can be discussed and agreed between the Researcher and the Water Forum once the project is awarded, where some flexibility can be facilitated.

Please find information booklet and application form attached and circulate to any relevant contacts. The closing date for the call is 5pm on the 15th of September 2022, where applications should be submitted via email to Dr Triona McGrath, Research Lead, the Water Forum:

Please send any queries related to the call to


Water Forum Research Call Non-Domestic Water Use

Non-Domestic Water Use Application form

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