Infographic for the Framework for Integrated Land and Landscape Management (FILLM)

Infographic for the Water Forum’s proposed Framework for Integrated Land and Landscape Management (FILLM), a systems-based  approach that addresses the interrelationships between natural systems to achieve positive environmental outcomes for water, biodiversity, soils and climate mitigation.

The FILLM  builds on and is a reframing of the Integrated Catchment Management (ICM) approach used in water resources management. However, it broadens it to include the other components such as ecosystems air and soils, while retaining catchments as the appropriate landscape units.

It is the implementation of measures and actions that are key to attaining the various environmental outcomes for water, air and ecosystems. Acceptance and use of the FILLM approach by policy makers, agencies and stakeholders encourages consideration of co-benefits, identification of synergies and can facilitate trade-offs where synergies are not feasible. Therefore, the approach helps ensure optimum results for the efforts and resources used.


Framework for Integrated Land and Landscape Management (FILLM) document

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