EPA State of the Environment Report

An Fóram Uisce welcomes the EPA State of the Environment report and the request for action on a national environmental policy to achieve short, medium, and long-term goals for protecting and improving our cherished environment for future generations.

The EPA call for a decade of action in the 2020s and An Fóram Uisce highlights the urgency required for such action, particularly regarding protecting and improving the state of Ireland’s water environment.

Commenting on the EPA State of the Environment Report, Dr Tom Collins, Chairperson of An Fóram Uisce said “The quality of our aquatic environment acts as a barometer for much of how we, as a nation, behave towards our environment. This new report from the EPA clearly outlines the challenges that lie ahead. It is clear that Ireland’s environment is in a poor state, and urgent action and change is required. Water is the lynchpin for life on this island, supporting how and where we live, our food systems, our recreation and, ultimately, our health.”

An Fóram Uisce has developed a Framework for Integrated Land and Landscape Management[1] which provides a pathway for working together to improve Ireland’s water environment. This framework can help to inform and develop the national environmental policy requested by the EPA.

[1] An Fóram Uisce (2020). Framework for Integrated Land and Landscape Management https://thewaterforum.ie/framework-for-integrated-land-and-landscape-management/


An Fóram Uisce press release Response to the State of Environment report


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