Framework for Integrated Land and Landscape Management

As reported today in the Irish Farmers Journal, An Fóram Uisce has proposed the implementation of a Framework for Integrated Land and Landscape Management (FILLM) as a way to achieve better environmental outcomes.  The proposed framework provides a vision for how our natural environment could be managed to achieve better environmental outcomes in all components of the natural environment: air, soils, water and ecosystems.

Using the river catchment, as the basic unit for landscape management, provides the opportunity for agency collaboration in landscape and nature management where there is multiple environmental and  socio-economic needs.

Catchment-scale environmental management is more appealing and understandable to local communities and facilitates engagement to co-create and develop local solutions.

The FILLM approach provides the vision and, if followed, the means to help ensure optimum results for the efforts and resources used. Managing the environment in the context of societies needs for food, good health and economic wellbeing, must be undertaken in a cohesive, holistic, systematic and integrated manner to achieve the transformational change needed for Ireland to meet its environmental goals for water, biodiversity and climate mitigation.


Framework for Integrated Land and Landscape Management (FILLM)


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