World Wetlands Day is 2nd February 2023

35% of the worlds wetlands have disappeared in 50 years.     Join #GenerationRestoration #ForWetlands

We can all make a difference through:

Conscious Choices

Make choices that minimise the loss and degradation of wetlands, and maximise awareness of how urgent their restoration is.

Ireland peatlands are of national and international importance. Half of the blanket bogs are of conservation importance in Europe and we have some of the last Oceanic raised bog left in Europe. Only 18% of our peatlands are at ‘near-natural’ or ‘healthy’ status. Bogs help clean water, are homes for unique flora and fauna and provide multiple cultural services to society.

  • We need to identify land use and land use change impacts and develop management options that considers the co-benefits of peatlands for water, climate and nature.

Persuasive Voices

Encourage others to directly support local wetland restoration efforts

Peatlands are significant cultural value in Ireland. Traditionally, they had utilitarian and economic value relating to extraction of peat for home heating and by companies such as Bord na Mona. However, a shift is occurring whereby cultural aspects such as recreation, tourism, and heritage are increasing considered of value as peatlands transform from sites of labour and employment to sites of restoration, recreation and conservation.

  • Include social values in peatland management and enhance stakeholder collaboration. 

Bold Actions

Use your power to create change and support wetland restoration, locally, regionally and nationally.

Peatlands and other wetlands will only be protected if Legislation and regulation is implemented to ensure that remain intact.

  • We need to ask the Government to enact all outstanding legislation and provide resources to ensure that all necessary enforcement actions are undertaken.
  • Learn more about the issues and become an advocate for the protection of wetlands in Ireland and across the globe.

Further Information is available in Water Forum Peatlands Research

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Many activities are happening across Ireland to mark World Wetlands Day including:

Stories from the Waterside on World Wetlands Day 2023 – Local Authority Water Programme (

Find out more at:

Official website of World Wetlands Day by Ramsar – 2 February – World Wetlands Day

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