LIVE WEBINAR – Save the Date

 A discussion on ‘Optimising Water Quality Returns from the Reform of the Common Agricultural Policy’

FRIDAY 4TH DECEMBER 2020 – 10:00 to 12:30

Pre-recorded presentation from Dr Charles Larkin, from the Institute of Policy Research at Bath University, on ‘Optimising Water Quality returns from the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy’.  A panel of experts will respond to Dr Larkin’s research (commissioned by An Fóram Uisce) followed by a Q&A moderated by Dr Tom Collins, Chair of An Fóram Uisce.

The panellists

Charles Larkin

Director of Research, Institute for Policy Research, University of Bath, Bath, UK

Research Associate, Trinity College Dublin Adjunct Lecturer, Johns Hopkins University,

Tom Collins

CHAIR An Fóram Uisce



Alan Matthews

Trinity College Dublin

Professor Emeritus of European Agricultural Policy

Past President, European Association of Agricultural Economists, Member, Irish Government’s Climate Change Advisory Council


John Fitzgerald

Chairman Climate Change Advisory Council

Adjunct Professor, Department of Economics Trinity College Dublin



Lee Ann Jackson

Head of the Agro-food Trade and Markets Division in the OECD’s Trade and Agriculture Directorate


Michele McCormack

Economist with the Agricultural Catchments Programme



Further information to follow 



World Environment Day was marked this week

World Environment Day is on the 5th June annually. This year the focus is on combating land degradation and restoring damaged landscapes. #GenerationRestoration aims to encourage everyone alive right now
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