Water Forum webinar presentations are available

The Water Forum webinar on public participation generated much debate yesterday. There was a very good attendance of over 400 people from local authorities, agencies, department personnel, Forum members and community groups and individuals.

The first session began with an introduction to the Water Forums policy Framework for Integrated Land and Landscape Management and this was followed by a presentations from

Dr Patrick Bresnihan – An introduction to best practice in public participation;

Dr Clodagh Harris introduced Participative and deliberative approaches to climate mitigation and

Dr Alexandra Revez introduced Deliberative democracy tools from the Imagining 2050 project.

The presentations are followed by a panel discussion on how these approaches might be used for public participation at catchment level.


Session 2 explored the learnings from public participation during the 2nd River Basin Management Plan and there were presentations from:

Mark Horton on The development Ballinderry and Oriel Rivers and Coastal Catchment Association;

Dr Michael O’Cinneide on the Roles of catchment groups in protecting water, heritage and nature;

Sean Corrigan spoke of Using biodiversity to engage communities on catchment actions with Group Water Schemes and

Dr Fran Igoe shared Learnings from public participation and engagement with LAWPRO


Session 1 video link will be added next week

Webinar on Public Participation in Catchment Management Session 1 – YouTube

Session 2 video link

Webinar on Public Participation in Catchment Management Session 2 




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