Water Consumers lack knowledge of supply and treatment or how much water they use

 Water Forum survey finds water customers lack knowledge of water supply and treatment or how much they use but show strong support for water conservation measures.

Interactions Research carried out a survey of a nationally representative sample of the population on behalf of the Water Forum in August 2023.

The survey found that over half of respondents did not know where their drinking water comes from or how it is treated. They lack trust in their water supply despite public water supplies being of a very high standard. A quarter of respondents did not know who to call if they had a water issue.

  • The Water Forum suggests public information campaigns by Uisce Éireann are necessary to address these issues.

Approximately 10% of the population get their water from private wells but 74% of well holders do not test their wells annually as recommended by the EPA with 21% never testing. A recent study reported the presence of pathogens in 29% of private wells indicating the importance of regular testing to protect public health.

  • The Water Forum is calling for a significant State intervention to address this issue.

Nearly three-quarters of respondents agree with the need to improve water conservation but nearly all reported they do not know how much water they use or how to conserve water.

  • The Water Forum says effort must be taken to provide support and education on how to increase water efficiency in the home.

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