The Water Forum’s Winter 2021 Newsletter is available now

The Water Forum’s Winter Newsletter gives details of our work in the 4th quarter of 2021. A summary of the Forum’s policy submission on the draft CAP Strategic plan including key recommendations is included and there is a short report on recently commissioned research on Invasive Alien Species in Ireland.

There is information on the draft River Basin Management Plan and the Forum’s upcoming webinar on 3rd February.

Links are provided to introductory videos on the draft River Basin Management Plan featuring Minister Malcolm Noonan and an introduction to the National Water Forum from Dr Triona McGrath.

A new Factsheet: Introduction to the River Basin Management Plan is also available.

Newsletter 06 Winter 2021

Earth is beyond 6 of 9 planetary boundaries

Assessing planetary boundaries is a way of checking the health status of Earth’s operating systems. This week scientist published research on their assessment of the 9 planetary boundaries.  Planetary boundaries
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