The EPA launches Ireland’s first Hydrology Summary Bulletin

The EPA launches Ireland’s first Hydrology Summary Bulletin

The EPA Hydrology Summary Bulletin provides an overview of rainfall, river flows, lake and groundwater levels recorded at approximately 350 stations across Ireland. This first ever Hydrology Summary Bulletin provides information for the month of May 2020 in a very user-friendly format and with clear graphics that compares river flows, and lake and groundwater levels across the country.

It reports that rainfall in May was well below average across the country leading to a further reduction in flows after a dry April. During May, most rivers fell below their long-term monthly average flow, with over 40% recording particularly low flow. Lake and groundwater levels also fell, some to record low levels, with 75% of the assessed lakes and 60% of groundwater monitoring wells showing below normal levels.

These low levels along with a forecast for a dry summer will put stress on water supply over the coming months and further highlights the need for further conservation measures to be carried out across the country.

Conservation tips are available at on the Irish Water website  or the National Federation of Group Water Schemes website


The Hydrology Summary Bulletin is available on the EPA website.



World Environment Day was marked this week

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