Tender for the development of a Transition Year Module on water quality and catchment management

The Water Forum is seeking a consortium of educators and experts to develop a Transition Year module on catchment management, water quality issues and ecosystem and cultural services provided by river catchments.  Teacher support resources will also be required.

The Water Forum is planning to sponsor an award with the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition (BTYSTE) from January 2023. In preparation for this, we wish to develop an education programme to enable students to develop their understanding and knowledge of river catchments and water management and issues in Ireland. This project is seeking education experts and/or education consortium to develop and pilot a curriculum-linked education module and teaching support resources for a Transition year programme of learning. The purpose is to develop students understanding of the value of local water resources, the cultural and ecosystem services provided by catchments, how river catchments are managed and how they can get involved in protecting local water quality. An assessment or award process should also be identified.

The Tender documents and application form  is available here.

The closing date for applications is the 29th July and we aim to respond to applicants before the end of August.

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