Peatlands Research Report launched today; Optimising Water Quality Returns from Peatlands Management while Delivering Co-benefits for Biodiversity and Climate mitigation.

A Peatland Management Research Report, commissioned by An Fóram Uisce, has been launched today along with a Synthesis Report. The report provides guidance on how peatlands management can be reimagined in order to optimise water quality improvements while delivering co-benefits for climate mitigation and biodiversity.

It covers topics including:

  • Rewetting peatlands,
  • Carbon cycling in intact, degraded and rewetted peatlands,
  • Cultural ecosystem services and social values of peatlands,
  • Alternative management options for degraded peatlands,
  • Strategic guidance and resources for integrated peatlands management.

The research was carried out by Dr Florence Renou-Wilson, Catharine Pschenyckyj, Emily Riondato, David Wilson, Kate Flood, Connie O’Driscoll.


An Fóram Uisce is hosting a webinar on 21st May 2021 to present the research and facilitate  a discussion on the recommendations. Registration is free at Eventbrite.

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