New Private Well grants

New Private Well grants launched

The Department of Housing Planning and Local Government have launched a grant for rehabilitation of private wells. Approximately 11% of Irish people get their water from private water supplies. Grants are available under the Rural Water Programme to carry out improvements to private water supplies for human consumption and domestic purposes.

The new grant scheme will provide:

  • Grants to a maximum of €3,000 for rehabilitation works or up to 85% of approved costs
  • Provision of a new well is 85% of approved costs subject to a maximum of €5,000 (if the housing authority agrees this is the most appropriate solution)
  • As the grant aims to improve water quality, water quality treatment (filtration and UV treatment) qualifies for 100% funding to a maximum of €1,000
  • The minimum grant threshold is €750

Further information on the scheme is available at


Water Quality in private wells

Local authorities do not test drinking water quality in private wells. Testing wells for water quality is the responsibility of the owner and should be done regularly to make sure drinking water quality is high. People with private wells have been shown to be 4 times more likely to suffer from illness (such as VTEC a form of E.coli) caused by contaminated water.

Information about testing water quality or well maintenance is available on the EPA website and if you have concerns you should contact your local authority.

To find our more about well testing and well maintenance see the EPA website 


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