New EPA Factsheets on River, Lake and Marine monitoring

The EPA launched FACTSHEETS this week on their River, Lake and Marine monitoring programmes.

The Marine Monitoring Factsheets includes information on the national monitoring programme, what is monitored, what assessments are carried out and what the ecological status is of our coastal and transitional waters.


The River Monitoring  Factsheet includes an introduction to the Water Framework Directive, describes the national monitoring programme, the ecological status of our rivers, how our rivers are assessed and links to further information.


The Lake Monitoring Factsheet provides information on our lakes, the national monitoring programme including what is assessed and information on lake water ecological status.


Further information on the ecological status of our water bodies is available at


Earth is beyond 6 of 9 planetary boundaries

Assessing planetary boundaries is a way of checking the health status of Earth’s operating systems. This week scientist published research on their assessment of the 9 planetary boundaries.  Planetary boundaries
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