National Biodiversity Data Centre Newsletter is available now

The National Biodiversity Data Centre has published its Winter 2023 Newsletter which is available to download from their website.

For over 15 years, the National Biodiversity Data Centre has been a component of Ireland’s national heritage infrastructure. They make biodiversity data and information freely available to public and private sectors, and provide essential services that enhance understanding and public support the conservation.

There are also many other resources available on the website such as information on how to become a citizen scientist and monitor all sorts of species in your area. They provide online training for farmers on how to be pollinator friendly.  There is an online database where you can discover the nature in your area.

One of their most successful programmes to-date has been the development of the National Pollinator Plan which listed a number of actions that people can do to protect pollinators. Since the launch of the original plan, they have launched a number of targeted plans for farmers, businesses, communities, schools, gardens etc. There are all available to download form their website.

Many of the actions to protect pollinators is also good for protecting water quality. Not using herbicides and pesticides or minimising their use will protect bugs, plants and water.

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Winter 2023 Magazine

Biodiversity Ireland magazine – Winter 2023 – National Biodiversity Data Centre


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