Land Use Evidence Review Synthesis Report Phase 1 published this week

The Programme for Government committed to carrying out a Land Use Review to ensure that optimal land use options inform all relevant Government decisions. In 2022, Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine (DAFM) and Department of Environment Climate and Communications (DECC) commenced the Land Use Evidence review. This work was managed by the EPA who assembled the evidence base to determine the environmental, ecological and economic characteristics of land types across Ireland.

The report published this week is the first phase of the review which gathered evidence about stakeholders; existing policy; and environmental, social and economic characteristics of land use to date. It gives an holistic understanding of current land use patterns to shape future polices and measures.

The primary objective of this report is to inform phase II of the Land Use Review. Phase II will, in consultation with all stakeholders and land users, go on to consider the policies, measures, and actions which will need to be taken — in the context of the Government’s wider economic, social and climate objectives.

The Land Use Evidence Review Synthesis Report published this week presents the current land use characteristics across the country and also contains 19 recommendations that identifies further work that needs to be done to address knowledge gaps, to better understand the environmental, economic and social implications of land use practice and to ground truth data assumptions.

The Synthesis report and supporting documents are available at: – Land Use Review – Phase 1 (



World Environment Day was marked this week

World Environment Day is on the 5th June annually. This year the focus is on combating land degradation and restoring damaged landscapes. #GenerationRestoration aims to encourage everyone alive right now
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