Implementation of Irish Water non-domestic tariff postponed to 1st October

The new tariffs start date was originally postponed in March 2020 with revised start date of 1st May 2021 due to uncertainty for customers affected by COVID-19 pandemic, now the CRU, DHLGH and IW have agreed a new implementation date of 1st October 2021.

The new tariffs aims to provide a simpler, fairer and more transparent system for 184,000 non-domestic customers.

A three-year transition arrangement will be put in place by Irish Water to assist customers who may be faced with a large annual bill increase.  Under this arrangement any annual bill increase above €250 will be spread over three years. In addition to this, any customer facing an annual bill increase of over €750 will have the increase capped at 10% per year for the duration of the three-year transition. 

Further information on the non-domestic tariff is available at:

Irish Water Non-Domestic Tariffs Implementation Date Revised for a Second Time – Commission for Regulation of Utilities (

Irish Water is encouraging businesses to visit where they can assess the impact of the new charges on their future bills using our online calculator tool available on

Further information is also available online including a detailed Q&A and case studies. Customers who may be experiencing billing or payment difficulties can contact our dedicated business team on 1850 778 778.



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