EPA Water Conference 2021 – 16th and 17th June

EPA Water Conference Programme – Integrating Policy and Practice on 16th and 17th June – 9:15 am to 12:30 pm  – Free and open to everyone – Register online

Day 1     16th June  Log in 9:15am

Welcome and introduction

Session 1: Setting the scene

  • An introduction to water and environment policy and protection;
  • A report on the 3rd River Basin Management Plan; and
  • A review structures and processes in water governance in Ireland.


Session 2: Opportunities for multiple benefits

  • Valuing ecosystems
  • Managing Ireland’s marine resources – the benefits of an integrated approach
  • Opportunities for water quality from bog restoration


Close day 1.


Day 2    17th June Log in 9:15

Welcome and introduction

Session 3: Looking forward – pressures and solutions

  • Standardisation of National Climate Services: supporting water decision making
  • What does the new Drinking Water Directive mean for water protection?
  • Securing drinking water supplies into the future
  • AgriFood 2030: the future for agriculture


Session 4: Working with communities:  valuing water

  • Communities and water: a vision for the future
  • Behavioural change learning from SEAI’s work with communities
  • The All Island Pollinator Plan: sharing stories to change behaviour
  • Citizen Science: DCU’s Water Blitz

Q&A and Panel Discussion – Chaired by Dr Tom Collins

Close Day 2

Register:     EPA Water Conference 2021 (ti.to)

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