EPA Bathing Water Report for 2021 is released today

The EPA Bathing Water in Ireland report for 2021 was issued today. The report shows that 78% of bathing sites have excellent water quality while 97% of sites meet minimum standards. Improvements are attributed to better management of bathing water sites and increased investments in treatment of urban waste water.

The main impacts on water quality at bathing water sites are agriculture, urban waste water and fouling from dogs on beaches. Heavy rainfall washes pollution into bathing waters and the local water quality can deteriorate quickly as result.

Swimmers should always check the website www.beaches.ie for the latest updates on bathing water quality.

The full report is available at:

2021 Bathing Water Quality – Beaches.ie – Beaches.ie

A map showing beach classifications:

Map-of-identified-bathing-waters-with-classification—2021.pdf (epa.ie)

A short video featuring Jenny Deakin from the EPA:

EPA Ireland on Twitter: “WATCH: EPA’s Senior Scientist, Jenny Deakin, summarises the key findings of our ‘Bathing Water Quality Report 2021’. 


Further information is available at:




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