Education Objectives


  1. Identify opportunities for co-operation and sharing of resources
  2. Lead on the development of an awareness and education programme
  3. Seek opportunities to link in with existing community-based programmes


An Fóram Uisce is currently in the process of developing an education strategy.


Call for Research: Peatland Management

An Fóram Uisce requests submissions to undertake research on peatland management in the Republic of Ireland entitled "Optimising Water Quality Returns from Peatland Management while Delivering Co-benefits for Climate and

Eco Eye: On the waterfront

The EcoEye team went to meet communities across Ireland who are taking action to protect our water resources. Anja Murray visits the Inishowen Peninsula in Donegal to speak with Trish

51% Failure rate on septic tanks

51% of tested septic tanks have failed with 26% posing a risk to human health in 2019 the EPA reported this week. Currently, approximately 1000 tests are carried out each
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