Earth Day is tomorrow 22nd April: a chance to take time to enjoy and protect nature

Tomorrow 22nd April is Earth Day. The day provides an opportunity for everyone to think about our impact on our planetary home. Earth Day began in the 1970’s and has grown into an organisation that works with partners across the world to drive positive action for our planet.

This year, the theme “Invest In Our Planet”, highlights the importance of dedicating time, resources, and energy to solving climate change and other environmental issues. Investing in our planet is necessary to protect it and is the best way to pave a path towards a prosperous future. When we Invest In Our Planet together, we are supporting healthy, happy, and wealthy communities worldwide. recommends that communities and individuals can make a difference by:

  • Planting a tree, is not expensive but has many benefits for nature, air, water and climate
  • Reduce plastic consumption – there will be less plastic to pollute the planet if you do!
  • Advocate to protect the planet, learn more about what you can do and encourage others to do the same
  • Consume responsibly – buy less, support local producers, buy sustainable fashion
  • Enjoy the goodness our planet provides for free, sunshine, clean air and  the wonderful nature in our blue and green spaces

Communities are hosting events to mark Earth Day, check out where they are at at:

Earth Day 2023 – Earth Day


Water needs our protection every day. To keep our rivers and lakes clean and healthy we need to:

  • Use less water. Take shorter showers, fill dishwashers and washing machines (leaves more for nature)
  • 19% of energy used at home is to heat water, shorter showers and cooler washes reduced greenhouse gas emissions and will reduce global warming
  • Use less products in the shower and for cleaning at home as this puts less chemicals in the wastewater system and protects nature
  • Learn more about our local lakes, rivers and coasts and nature and how you can protect it
  • Enjoy nature by spending more time in green and blue spaces, listening to birds and observing insects and plants.

Planet Earth sustains us, we need to nurture it.

World Environment Day was marked this week

World Environment Day is on the 5th June annually. This year the focus is on combating land degradation and restoring damaged landscapes. #GenerationRestoration aims to encourage everyone alive right now
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