Consultation on Catchment Management Plans and Catchment Community Fora

As part of the preparation for the 3rd River Basin Management Plan (RBMP),  the Local Authority Waters Programme are preparing templates for Catchment Management Plans for the 46 catchment areas identified in the RBMP. As a first step, they plan to pilot integrated Catchment Management Plans in 5 catchments in different areas of the country.

These Catchment Management Plans will form sub-plans to the National River Basin Management Plan which is expected to be published by the end of 2023. To support the discussion and considerations LAWPRO have published a Discussion Document on their proposed approaches to developing the plans. A key aspect of their work is to ensure greater co-operation between agencies and sectors to ensure more holistic and integrated catchment management actions that will deliver better outcomes for water quality but also that account is taken of biodiversity, climate and ecosystem services needs as well.

The next RBMP cycle aims to increase public participation and engagement in water management through the development of Community Catchment Fora who will help inform on-the-ground action, increase awareness and capacity building in catchment communities. The consultation documents are provided to support and encourage feedback from communities and interested individuals on how these Fora might be developed and resourced and what their role could be in water management.

While the current closing date for submissions is 30th November this might change depending on the publication of the final RBMP. All submissions will be considered and will contribute to the development of the final Catchments Management Plan template and planning for upcoming Catchment Community Fora workshops.

To find our more and to contribute to the discussion:

Catchment Management Planning & Catchment Community Fora | Online Consultation Portal of the Waters and Communities Office


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