Bathing water improvements but more needs to be done.

The EPA published its Bathing Water Quality in Ireland A report for 2020 today and while improvements are noted and welcomed by An Fóram Uisce. Pollution incidences tend to occur during periods of heavy rainfall when pollutants are washed into streams and rivers and carried to the coastal areas.

The reports states that:

  • Urban wastewater was responsible for 47%
  • Diffuse pollution from agriculture accounted for 37%
  • Urban runoff was responsible for 12%
  • Domestic wastewater systems for 4%

The Water Forum’s article in response to the report notes the need for Local Authorities  to engage with farmers on Good Agricultural Practice and potentially increase enforcement particularly in catchments with bathing water sites.

The Forum supports the EPA’s recommendation that Irish Water needs to invest further in its wastewater treatment systems.

Bathing Water Report

An Fóram Uisce Article

World Environment Day was marked this week

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