An Fóram Uisce welcomes new Research Lead

We are delighted to welcome Dr Triona McGrath as our new Research Lead replacing Dr Alec Rolston who has moved to Australia to work with the Goyder Water Institute in Adelaide. Dr McGrath starts work with the Forum on the 22nd of February.

Triona completed a PhD in marine climate change in 2012, with the National University of Ireland Galway and the Marine Institute, Ireland, investigating how increasing levels of carbon in the ocean is impacting chemistry and ecosystems. She continued researching marine biochemistry through a number of postdoctoral projects, leading out on the publishing of scientific papers, along with contributions to EPA national reports.

In 2013 Triona was awarded a Fulbright Postdoctoral Scholarship allowing her to work with
one of the world’s leaders in marine chemistry at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego.

For the past two years Triona has been working with Clare County Council, where she
has been involved in the monitoring of wastewater, drinking water and bathing water and
has gained extensive knowledge on the pressures on our aquatic environments along with
the challenges that lie ahead in trying to improve our water quality.

Triona has presented research at many national and international conferences, along with
delivering lectures in environmental science to third level students & presenting a TED talk
in 2016 on carbon in the ocean.

We are very much looking forward to working with Triona.

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