The Forum hosted a workshop to focus on this topic on 29th March 2023. The aim of this workshop was to bring key stakeholders and organisations with expertise in raising awareness and delivering environmental and water initiatives, to share their approaches and learnings through round table discussions.

The objective of the workshop was to:

(a) gather information on how to improve understanding to incentivise water conservation behaviour in the general public and    (b) consider how to increase water education in schools.

Sarah Cotterill, Assistant Professor at UCD, presented on: The need for education to encourage water conservation behaviours

Stephanie Hurry, Head of Water Efficiency Engagement with Waterwise UK presented on: Learnings from  engaging for water efficiency in the UK

Anne Dolan, Professor of Primary Geography at Mary Immaculate College, presented on: Opportunities to promote water education in the national curriculum

These presentations were followed by round table discussions on how to achieve greater water education in the formal and non-formal sectors. A workshop report will be compiled and published in the coming weeks.